Led Display Screen

At Probranding, we offer quality and instant delivery/rental of outdoor and indoor led display screen. Our highly trained specialist are able to install and commission Led Screen project at any location and within a quantifiable stipulated time.

3D Signage

"Three-dimensional signage (sometimes called 3D signage or dimensional signs) adds an element of depth to a flat sign's height and width. The shape, shadows and shading of 3D letters, logos and graphics catch the eye like no two-dimensional flat sign can.."

Large Format

"We offer large format printing without any restriction in size. We pay close attention to details from artwork to finishing stage. Using vibrant colours and the best of material, we make sure that our printing are of high quality..."

Car Branding

"Car branding is a term used to describe anything on your vehicle that promotes your business from a sticker on the side to an entire vehicle wrap...." Some of the cheapest form of advertising is "Car Branding", and that is why we take joy in making sure you get a savoury quality that gives your brand the most acceptable first impression.

Directional Signage

"Directional signs are used to guide people to the nearest restrooms, help them find parking, or simply point them to the main office in addition to a myriad of other uses. Customize your own directional sign that will stand the test of time. At probranding consult, we have structured hundreds of directional signage in several locations all around major cities and towns in Ghana.

Cooperate Souvenirs

"People still honor the culture of gifting, and that is why smart organizations still make use of customized gifts to touch the heart of their staffs and customers, in return they receive loyalty and referrals through word of mouth, and get more in the face of potential and prospective customers". At Probranding, we help you source for the best gift materials that will suite the mind of your target audience and deliver a top notch customization with it.

What We Do

We create brand designs that enable you efficiently communicate your value to your target audience. We are committed to delivering innovations to your media products on time and within your budget.

Our sole objective is to achieve excellence, so we work closely with our clients to make sure all solutions generated are tailored to meet our clients demands and thus achieve their desired result.

LED Screen Display

Car Branding

3D Signage

Cooperate Souvenirs

Large Format Printing

Directional Signage

Working Process

With over 10 years supporting brands across Ghana, Liberia, and Nigeria. We have come to terms with a standardized way of production, nothing surprises us in the delivery of exceptional services to our amiable clients both in the Cooperate world and the Government.

Our passion for brands is what prompt the Probranding Team to deliver speedy and seamless services.

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